1. New illustration. Pencils. Inks. Bristol board. Photoshop colors. Sonic Youth. Got your dirty boots with my sugar kane.

  2. Leonardo #sketch #teenagemutantninjaturtles #nostalgia


  3. Sketch commissions!!

    Hey dudes. As of now I’ll be taking sketch commissions!

    Each illustration will be in black ink on 6x9 Bristol board paper and will go for $45 each. You can also take a gander at my Tumblr page and get a feel of what my drawing style is like.

    If interested, shoot me an email at junghulee240@gmail.com.

    Reblogs are appreciated!

  4. Reaching the halfway mark with pencils for my latest comic “Where the Faces Shine”. I’m already eager to start the inking stage which will hopefully be sometime in March or April.

    By summer, I’m hoping to get started on my next 2014 comic, which will quite possibly be a tricky one. Nonetheless, I look forward to the challenge.

    No title for it yet, except to tentatively label it “karaoke psychodrama in Tokyo”.

  5. I generally prefer not to show full pages. So here’s 2/3 of a page. #workinprogress #wherethefacesshine

  6. Welcome home. #workinprogress

  7. #wherethefacesshine #workinprogress

  8. It’s that time again…

    Small Press Expo is this weekend, September 14-15 at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Conference Center! You can find me at table W21 selling copies of Definitely Far From Korea Vol. 1, This Will Pass, and You Cross My Path, as well as prints of various artwork.

    Hope to see you there!

  9. Frances Ha #ahoysexy #doodle #francesha

  10. Corto. #cortomaltese

  11. nicohitoride:

    Stumptown Comics Fest is coming this weekend!!

    I’ll be with Jung Hu Lee at table A8 at the Oregon Convention Center on April 27 and 28. I’ll be doing sketches at the show. You can prebook them now. Come by and say hello!

    What he said. :)

  12. Taking a breather…